Hello, hello! My name is Sally Smith and I’m a hybrid of North-Meets-South. I’m from Westchester, New York, which is located a quick 30 minutes outside of Manhattan. I live the suburban life with a sprinkle of the big city whenever I want it. However, as I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, I have a special place in my heart for the South. I love the hospitable, relaxed vibe and one day, I see myself settling in a charming city south of the Mason-Dixon line. I am a member of the Furman University Class of 2018 and am a Communications and Spanish Language double-major. I thoroughly enjoy writing and expressing myself through written words so this blog is an exciting new outlet for me.I’ve created this blog for my Digital Communications class here at Furman (Spring 2016) and plan on writing about all sorts of topics with a focus on digitized communication and its importance in our society. I also plan to incorporate some of my personal interests and experiences as well!

So, a little more about me and what suits my fancy.

I love my MAC laptop and all that it allows me to do, especially with social media. We’ve been together since 2010 and are still going strong. I have a healthy obsession with Instagram and Pinterest because the platforms are clean-looking, organized, and gather so many amazing photos. Who doesn’t love pretty pictures, am I right?! As a visual learner, what I see truly resonates best with me. I can be found browsing stores and online sites for the latest trends in the fashion and beauty market. I also enjoy dabbling in interior design, thanks to Pinterest. As I like to keep myself busy and involved, coffee shops are a frequent destination of mine. My love for all things lifestyle stems from my previous work at Keep Holdings, Inc., based out of Midtown Manhattan. The site is the best place to discover and buy the latest trends in fashion, home decor, beauty, accessories, and design. Check it out here and go generate your own collection(s) of all sorts of beautiful items! Lastly, I love to travel, whether on a day-trip to a nearby city or across the world. Seeing new sights inspires me to continue exploring the unknown and makes me appreciate all the world’s beauty.

Photo taken at Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse in the lovely, quaint Travelers Rest, South Carolina.
One of my favorite places in the world: Italy. The rich culture, decadent cuisine (all the carbs!), and soft rolling hills stand out amongst the most beautiful places. This photo was taken at Villa La Palagina in Figline Valdarno, Florence.
My sweet friend, Anne, and I on our 30-day NOLS Backpacking course in summer 2016 through the Southern Talkeetna mountain range in Alaska. We hiked a total of 131 miles over the course of a month.

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